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[^] Magic Software Enterprises

[ Magic Software Enterprises Links, DLLs, Samples

[^] Magic Links

  • Computers:Programming:Application Builders:Magic at the Open Directory Project.
  • The Magic Developers'Web Ring.
  • If you have a problem (or a solution !) with Magic, you certainly aren't the first, so join an independent (although monitored by Magic Software Enterprises) Magic mailing list with hundred of Magicians (from beginners to sorcerers) at http://www.yahoogroups.com : (Use a mail filter (on the sender, or on the subject) to direct the message to a particular folder, as there can be a lot of mails !) TW-Software Netherlands also hosts a web-based Magic discussion platform.
  • Profile Software sells 2 components with miningfull names for Magic environment : SmartChart and Office Gate.
  • HotFudge : a free DLL for Magic. Include among others expression evaluation, basic charting, avi (and gif) animations, RAS (dial up) handling, screen capture, IE4 and treeview control, Drag and Drop, zoom buttons, and more... At the same address you can find several other Magic goodies.
  • Mgtrans is a Perl tool that parses an exported Magic CTL to a readable format.
  • Synopsis Systems Ltd : Numerous utilities for Magicians, the Magic SuperCheck is a really good product (to do "white box" testing) ; and some Magic Technotes are very useful.
  • Trillium Software edits the Sorcerer Apprentice, a PDF book to learn and master Magic.
  • EscorteR is a report tool for generation and execution of reports. Output can be HTML, RTF, XML/XSL, PDF, PS. It works through UDP calls. It contains htmler.exe, a tool to convert HTML to PDF.
  • SmartChart is a commercial solution for doing charts with Magic, using a special text file. HotFudge can also produce simple charts.
  • Magic plus is a set of functions, including charting and a scanner interface (commercial).
  • IntelliVIEW for Magic is a commercial XML based report tool.
  • Magic ButtonTool lets you create the four states bitmap for Magic image buttons.
  • Developers zone of Magic El Salvado.
  • jConverter can automatically convert any Magic application to Magic 9 eDeveloper Browser mode.
  • Mems Software distributes MagicExport Tools, MagicChart and MagicReportPro.
  • D C AL CODA proposes a text editor (with spell check) implemented as a Magic DLL for better integration, so you can replace Magic memo editor.
  • IstroSystem sells several Magic tools : MATMUT (Magic Maintenance Utility) : cross reference tool, picture replacer in forms, creation of SQL names for easier SQL migration, code page translator ; Magic Transporter helps in importing parts of a Magic application in another one ; Magic Chartago is an activeX Charting solution. They purpose a service to transform text based magic program to GUI programs with better results than build-in export/import.
  • Expander is an open source (under GNU GPL) Magic tool to help converting forms from a text based Magic to a GUI Magic.
  • MagicProgrammers.com lists Magic resources : independent Magic programmers, consultants, utilities, ...

[^] Magic Software Enterprises in French

All French speaking resources about Magic Software Enterprises and the Magic RAD engine are listed at Magic Software Enterprises en français.

[^] Misc Magic Software Enterprises Links

[ Magic Software Enterprises Links, DLLs, Samples

[^] Windows Development Links

  • I use the LCC-Win32 (also here) free Win32 C compiler with IDE, but I use VIM as editor. It's really quick, and Microsoft API in help format (or Word format for recent changes) are now supplied.
  • I also compiled GET.DLL with the Free Borland C++ Compiler. You don't get an IDE, but Borland compiler and linker are good, and you have C++.
  • Good sources of informations are :
  • Ghostscript and Ghostview : it's a Postscript emulator, and a (and Linux, and OS/2, and Windows) as a LaTeX previewer or as a printer drivers for my PCL printer, and now as a development tool for Magic during report design. It's a good print previewer for Magic. GhostView is free, and GNU Ghostscript also, but Alladin Ghostscript isn't. You can choose French, German or English version. It can also produce PDF from PS, and view PDF files. You can also produce PDF file from PS with this online Acrobat distiller.
  • Inno Setup and My Inno Setup Extensions : the freeware setup generator I use for the GET.DLL installation, you may want to try it to install your Magic applications as well.
  • Dependency Walker or ScanBin : analyze DLL/Exe (which function/module are exported/imported ...). Far better than Quick View. The answer to the 'failed to load driver" error message.
  • Resource explorer to view/extract resources (bitmap, icons, cursors or .avi) from exe/dll.
  • Greatis Windowse can analyze windows, so you can get for instance the class name and style of a window.
  • System internals has some must have utilities, including a debug output ; a file, a registry and a port monitor (that are great help to find a missing file or registry entry !)
  • WinBatch : a very useful batch language for Windows. Compiled batches are freely distributable. A great companion for the "exit" operation in Magic. I made the winbatch syntax file included in Vim.
  • Snippets is a collection of public domain or freeware C/C++ useful code. Some GET.DLL functions comes from here (ISBN and Bank Card validation, easter day).

[ Magic Software Enterprises Links, DLLs, Samples

[^] Other Links

  • Vim : (Vi IMproved) My favorite editor, with powerful search and replace and support for big files as a magic exported CTL. I have contributed with the Winbatch, Inno Setup, Windows Registry and RTF syntax files.
  • PrintKey lets you use the print key button to print the screen to a printer.
  • Info-Zip : the free command line compressor I use. And almost certainly you use it also, as his compression technology is commonly used (in the PNG graphic format for instance).
  • IcoSauve : save your desktop icon placement.
  • Numerous freewares (mirror) including Jans Movies, a GIF animator that can also convert from GIF to AVI (so you can put them on a Magic form with GET.DLL). Don't forget to note the password.
  • MARVOSYM : a free symbol font with the true Euro symbol, a barred 7, a slashed 0, navigation signs and other useful symbols.
  • WinEyes, (an Xeyes for Windows).
  • PathCopy lets you copy a path (long, short, UNC) using the contextual menu in explorer.
  • Rambooster is a program that free up RAM (by forcing Windows to use his swap-file).
  • Microsoft PC Speaker driver let you use the PC speaker as a sound card, although sound quality is awful.
  • The explanation of the removing of Gif format between Magic V6 and V7.
  • ISO 4217 Currency List, with the 3 letters code.
  • The Date FAQ. (and this other date reference).
  • Bar code specifications.
  • 2001, a Space Odyssey : the black monolithic slab.

[ Magic Software Enterprises Links, DLLs, Samples

[^] Internet and HTML

[ Magic Software Enterprises Links, DLLs, Samples

[^] Reciprocal links

If you use GET.DLL and like it, please link to my page (a text link or my logo), and I will also do it here. Contact me, if you are not in this list. (Search on Altavista for sites that links here)

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[ Magic Software Enterprises Links, DLLs, Samples

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