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[^] Introduction

Theorem : VI is perfect.
Proof : VI in roman numerals is 6. The natural numbers < 6 which divide 6 are 1, 2, and 3. 1+2+3 = 6. So 6 is a perfect number. Therefore, VI is perfect.

Vim is the best VI clone (far better than the original !), and perharps the best editor at all ! I like to have the same editor in all environments, and Vim exists under near all platforms, I use or used it under DOS, Windows (graphic or console), OS/2, Sun OS and Linux. I also like unlimited undo/redo, syntax highlighting ( and you can save your hightlighted code to html), powerfull search and replace, small exe, the jump to matching bracket, ...

Most of "Dominique Vim Resources" at are for Windows platforms. It looks often strange to Windows people to use a VI editor, but I'm now more productive with this editor than with any other "friendly" but limited editor : you have to learn some commands to start, but it does worth the time ! It's amazing to look people makes programs that could be obtened with a few Vi commands.

Files are compressed with zip, you can use winzip, info-zip or any compatible tools to decompress them.

[^] Contact Dominique Stéphan

If you have questions, bug reports, ... concerning the syntax files or the tools found on this page, you can contact me (Dominique Stéphan) at

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[^] Vim Syntax Files

Some of this syntax files are in the standard Vim distribution, you may want to download the last versions from here, as they may be upgraded before user release of Vim.

[^] Winbatch

Winbatch is a Windows scripting language, easy to understand and that can create (you'll need to buy the compiler) freely distribuable executables. There is also a Web version, Webbatch.

[Vim] winbatch.vim is the syntax file for Winbatch (.wbt) and Webbatch (.web).

[^] Inno Setup

Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows program. It is written in Delphi and the source code is provided. It's simple, powerful and reliable. I use it for my free Magic package at MGGEN.COM.

Inno Setup Extensions (ISX) are also supported, including Pascal Scripting in the [Code] section.

Look at ScriptDlg.iss, the sample provided with Inno Setup Extensions (ISX), and converted to highlighted HTML.

[Vim] iss.vim is the syntax file for Inno Setup (.iss).

[^] Windows Registry Export

The .reg file format is used by regedit.exe (supplied since Windows 3.1) : it can export and import settings from the registry. You can get valuable informations about the registry from The Windows Registry Guide. Regedit has an useful flag : "Regedit /s file.reg" run regedit in silent mode, it imports into registry the file.reg settings without any message box.

[Vim] registry.vim is the syntax file for .reg files.

[^] Robots.txt

To exclude robots (also known as web spiders) from a server, the server administrator can place a "/robots.txt" in his web root directory. This file (as described in this document) tells to robots what folders they are allowed to crawl.

[Vim] robots.vim is the syntax file for robots.txt files.

[^] Rich Text Format

The .rtf file format is used by Word processors (such as Microsoft Word and Wordpad) as an exchange format, and to make Windows .hlp files. You can get the rtf documentation here. Usually, you don't have to edit rtf files (just use a word processor), unless you are programming an rtf writer or reader.

[Vim] rtf.vim is the syntax file for .rtf files.

[^] Magic control file export

This VIM syntax file adds basic highlighting to Magic control file export.

[Vim] magic.vim is the syntax file for files where the first line is "^VRSN=[0-9][0-9]*".

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[^] Windows context menu

Here is a trick to associate Vim with non registered files types, and always have VIM in the context menu in Windows explorer.

Sample If the file extension is not registered, gvim will be launched when you double click on the file in Windows explorer. It appears in bold in the contextual menu (default option).

Sample If the file extension is registered, you can run vim from the contextual menu.

[^] Install

Vim.reg can modify your settings, you should download it, decompress and modify the path of gvim (gvim is assumed to be in C:\Vim\Vim60\Gvim.exe) in the Vim.reg file (it's a text file). To modify the registry, just double click on the Vim.reg file !

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[^] VIM and Internet Explorer

This tool integrates Vim and Internet Explorer, as explained in this Document :

  • With html_edit.exe and html_edit.vim in the Vim folder and the registry settings set by the .reg, the View Source menu launch Vim.
  • It adds Vim in the list of HTML editors.

As the View Source editor needs to accept the file as argument with spaces, but does not put " arround the file name, I wrote this small wrapper (html_edit.exe) that is able to launch Gvim.exe with " for the argument; I also maximize gvim and set the hightlighting as html (-s command line option).

Since Internet Explorer 6, the quotes are already put, so html_edit doesn't add them.

[^] Install

Download decompress in your Vim folder (where is located gvim.exe). Modify the path of gvim (gvim is assumed to be in C:\Vim\Vim60\Gvim.exe) in the Vim_ie.reg file (it's a text file), then double click on the Vim_ie.reg file to install !

Set Vim as Default HTML editor

You can set VIM as default HTML editor in Tools/Internet Options menu, in the Programs tab.

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[^] Vi Links

[Vim] Sven's Vim Pages.
[Vim] Vim Online.
[Vim] Vim pages of Bram Moolenaar, the author of VIM.
[Vim] The VI Pages lists Vi clones, there is also a nice picture gallery.
[Vim] Vi Lovers : Vi related resources.
[Vim] Interview with Bill Joy : the author of vi.
[Vim] Vi categories at Yahoo ! and at (Open Directory Project) .
[Vim] What is the best editor ? Google has the answer : Vim is the best editor ! It means that there is a lot of web pages that says that Vim is the best editor. Actually, I also have to say that Vim is the best editor, because it's true, Vim is the best editor.

Vim powered !

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