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[^] Introduction :
Magic Cross Reference Printing

Magic has a very useful feature : the Cross Reference tool (Ctrl+X). However, we couldn't print the result, and with V8 it locks the CTL ! This expensive shareware tool lets you print Cross Reference results, in Magic V7 and V8. Basically, it uses keyboard macros to navigate the Magic screen and captures screen parts.

You can also use it to print other Magic list : type list, file/table list, field list... For instance this is GET.DLL table list.

[ Magic Software Enterprises : Print Cross Reference Results ]

[^] Documentation

[^] Installation

Download prn_xref.zip and decompress it in a temporary folder. Then run the setup.exe installation program that will create a shortcut on your desktop, and associate to it a hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+X) : it seems that the hotkey is not always active, you may need to specify it manually (in the shortcut properties).

This tool outputs %TEMP%prn_xref.htm and .bmp bitmaps, so it needs Microsoft Internet Explorer to print or show the result. If you are not using IE or are experiencing printing problems, this tool can automatically convert bmp to jpg using hotfudge.bmp2jpg function. Although it shares code with GET.DLL and MGPROC.DLL, it's a stand-alone executable.

[^] Utilization

Do as usually a Ctrl+X so Magic runs a Cross Reference search (prn_xref works for all Magic Cross References), and if you want to print the result, just launch prn_xref by pressing his hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+X). Wait for the operations to complete (it flashes a lot !), and choose the printer in the dialog box. An icon is added in the system tray during program execution.

[^] Settings (prn_xref.ini)

The settings are stored in the prn_xref.ini (in the startup folder of prn_xref) and resolve usual problems : non english Magic (set the XrefTitle), slow cross reference (Grow up [TIMEOUT]), fonts (it depends on your font #97, default settings are for MS Sans Serif 10 or 12). Usually, you don't need to modify this file.

[ENV] Section

XrefTitle = Cross Reference
This is the title of the Cross Reference window, for instance "Références Croisées" in French or "Cross Reference" in english (default). Several language strings are tried if this setting is not good.
XrefRows = 9
How much lines in the Cross Reference scrolling (usually, it's 9).
MaxWidth = 640
Maximum width of bitmap, so it fits into the page.
Adjust = 0
Adjustment if it does not look good with your font, a negative value is accepted.
Left = 0
Top = 0
Width = 0
Height = 0
This settings let you adjust size of captured screen part ; for instance Left = 1, Top = 1, Width = -1 and Height = -2 remove the border. You may need to adjust these values depending on your fonts.
Convert = N
Use Convert = Y and DLL = Hotfudge.dll (or the complete path to hotfudge) to activate conversion of bmp to jpg (so it outputs standard HTML). It uses the hotfudge.bmp2jpg function. You shouldn't use this flag if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Print = Y
Use 'N' if you want to launch your browser instead of having the printer dialog box.

[TIMEOUT] Section

Sleep = 27
It's the minimum time to wait (in milliseconds) before capture the screen, grow up this value if you have lines without information.
Stop = 400
This parameter defines the timeout (sleep * stop = how much time to wait before exiting the program with error, in milliseconds).

[^] History

  • (11/07/2000) : prn_xref try some cross reference titles if the [ENV]XrefTitle is not properly set. It returns more errors in the output prn_xref.htm file.
  • (11/09/2000) : new html output (with tables) more condensed, and better code.
  • (01/22/2001) : remove temporary files, option to display result instead of printing it.
  • (03/13/2001) : option to print list.
  • (05/25/2001) : show date/time, user and computer in the output file. Launch the browser ("Print Preview") instead of printing in this new install.
  • (04/11/2002) : better html code for error messages (and use of colors).

[^] Related tools

Synopsis Systems Ltd sells SuperRef, a two part tool : an engine (using mgapi.dll) that builds an Xref database, and an extendable Magic application that uses this datas. It adds cross reference of programs in menus.

GET.DLL provides a free Xref on expression tool (based on mgapi.dll). It can find a string in expressions tables, so you can find for instance in which programs/tasks are used a Magic function, a constant, ...

xref.zip is a free tool available at magicu-l shared folder that uses an application export.

Magic 9 eDeveloper provides this long-awaited functionality.

[ Magic Software Enterprises : Print Cross Reference Results ]

[^] License

This tool is a shareware it means that you can use it for testing purposes and evaluating this product, but that you are required to purchase the licensed version if you are still using it after 30 days of testing.

This shareware is fully functional, and it will not suddenly stop working after a predetermined period of time. It just outputs a remainder message in the result, and is not fully documented. (output sample with default options, modified options to remove the caret and replace gray by white, condensed options to print only the details)

[ Magic Software Enterprises : Print Cross Reference Results ]

[^] Register

Please contact me for details.

  • 50 EUR per user.
  • Site License : 125 EUR.

[ Magic Software Enterprises : Print Cross Reference Results ]

[^] Download

Download Magic Cross Reference Printing and decompress it to a temporary folder (c:\temp\ for instance) and launch the setup.exe installation program.


[ Magic Software Enterprises : Print Cross Reference Results ]

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